U-Pick Flowers

farm fresh flowers

Come out to the farm!

Come spend an hour at the farm! Start at the flower barn and get a container for your flowers.  Take your time looking at the different flowers and try to pick a favorite. Then start cutting! You will want a mix of color and greenery and several sizes and shapes of blooms.

What to bring...

- Something to take your flowers home in such as a vase, mason jar, small bucket. 

  We will have vases for sale.

- Sturdy shoes/sandals. This is a working farm and the ground can be uneven. 

  Flip flops are NOT the best choice.

-  Gloves if you don't want to get your hands a little dirty when stripping unnecessary leaves off of flower stems.

- Clippers or scissors if desired. We do have them available.

- Sunscreen!

- Water bottle. 

  If you forget we will have some available for purchase in the flower barn. 

- If you have children with you, keep an eye on them! We do not want anyone to get hurt. Please do not let them run through the flowers or pull anything out of the soil. 

Do not bring...

- Your pet. If you have a service dog, please contact us before you come.

- Anyone who has severe bee sting reactions. Bees love flowers and really don't care too much about people.  As long as you stay calm and leave them bee they will leave you bee (pun intended). Bees are our friends.

U-Pick Hours

The U-Pick will be open:

     Tuesday:     9am to noon   and   6pm to 8pm

     Thursday:   9am to noon   

     Friday:        9am to noon

     Saturday:   9am to noon

If there is a Thunderstorm/Tornado Warning for the Anamosa/Monticello area, we will be closed.

Why does the U-Pick have limited hours?

Flowers will be at their best and have longer vase life if cut in the cooler times of the day.  When are you at your best on a hot summer day? Do you wilt in the afternoon heat?

Other times by appointment

If you have a small group and would like to have the gardens to yourself, please email Peg with details.