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Meet your farmer...


Do you tell your husband... don't get me flowers...?

Don't make the same mistake that I did!

My name is Peg and I LOVE flowers! My husband, Frank, laughs when I say this. For years I told him NOT to get me flowers for our anniversary or Valentine's Day or my birthday. I was sooooooo wrong!

When I started growing flowers I realized so many benefits to having flowers in the house: 

  • They reduce stress - how can you be stressed when looking at some beautiful blooms on the table

  • They awaken your creative side - maybe that will translate to a new menu for supper or finally finishing the guest room

  • They improve relationships - studies have found that being around flowers increases a person's level of compassion and willingness to help others. All people. Husbands and kids, too!

I couldn't do this without Frank. He helps me when I need some muscle (see how that compassion thing works) and is the infrastructure genius on the farm. He also knows how to deliver (retired UPS driver)!  

How did I become a flower farmer?


I was growing vegetables and one season the manager at our local farmers market mentioned many, many times that our market needed fresh flowers. 

After much research and studying, I decided to try growing flowers. They grew and bloomed! 

Then, much to my surprise, my creative side was awakened and I started to design arrangements and bouquets.


Farm fresh flowers, dahlia, sunflower

So now I am obsessed with flowers. And why not? 

Flowers are beautiful! They smell wonderful! They bring back beautiful memories and create new ones. And when they are farm fresh, they last and last. 

I hope that you will come out to the farm this year and cut your own flowers or order a bouquet for yourself or a friend!